Healthy, Wealthy and Children/Pet Wise Part 1

The biggest question I get from vapers and non-vapers alike is: Is Vaping really safe, good for you and okay around others.

Good for you?  Well its not like eating the right food groups everyday, getting exercise and plenty of sleep but if you were a smoker it is definitely good for you in the sense that it has replaced smoking and eliminated 60 known carcinogens that you inhaled every draw as well as  all the other compounds that no one is yet really sure of what effect they have but definitely suspect they are not helping you in anyway and given the analog track record probably hurting you.

You are not off the nicotine unless you work your way down to an e-juice  with 0 mg nicotine in it and nicotine still has it problems.  You cannot have been a smoker and not know that;  its a toxin and  can cause problems.  The pure form of 100% is a a deadly poison often used in insecticide.  Even very diluted nicotine (6 mgs for example) are directly related to raising your blood pressure and its proven to be associated with strokes.

That being said you have been inhaling it for years in most cases and its not an very easy addiction to kick.  And like many things your body has built up a tolerance to the toxicity.  Given a scale in relation to everything your inhaled with analogs (regular smoke and burn cigarettes) its probably considered the least of the the inhalants that you got from analogs as long as you have a a healthy respect for it.  Most medical doctor’s seem to warn you about the nicotine but are for vaping as an alternative to all the crap and junk you were subjecting yourself to with analogs.  I actually know of many that actively support a patient switching form analogs to vaping.  Yes, high blood pressure can cause damage to kidneys and heart and so on, as well as lead to strokes and HBP can result in death as can a stroke – even a disability from a stroke is no joke.  Even given that vaping takes away a huge number of others negative effects – in the scale of things a vast improvement.  Certainly, the medical world sees the continued effects of nicotine vs getting you off everything else a major plus.  Isn’t that exactly what they are doing with the patch, the gum and so forth.  I don’t  know the exact stats of the matter but logic tells me that if nicotine was killing more people then smoking related cancer – nicotine patches/gum and so on would not now be available over the counter and maybe even with a prescription.

This is why its my personal policy is to really argue with a non-smoker wanting to take up vaping even if they say they will do it just for the flavor and get 0 mg nicotine fluid.  Great plans always go down the tubes sooner or later and a non nicotine vaper is liable to imbibe in a juice with nicotine of they run out and everyone around them is carrying nicotine laden juice and its a big social situation.  I actually saw that happen at a vaper gathering just over a year ago.  A husband and wife were there and while he vaped a nicotine content she mentioned she was on 0 nicotine.  People were praising her until she corrected us and said he had never smoked but took up vaping because her husband was having a good time and the social community was fun (not like that group would hive said don’t come cause you don’t vape but I guess she wanted to fit in).  Later that night she was out of her juice and on a serious hunt for someone with a 0 mg nictone juice and no one there had any.  Her next step was to ask who had a low nicotine percent she could vape because she was sure it would not be a big deal.  Someone did finally find a 6 mg sample bottle of juice they had tucked away in their pack and that is what she vaped for the net couple of hours.  It was obvious she never touched nicotine before cause she started because she started out a bit green around the gills and then kind of had those nicotine high signs later.  I saw her this year and out of curiosity causally asked if she was still using mgs to find out that she was vaping juice with the same amount of nicotine in it that her husband did. It just underscored something we all know – the brain really grabs for and fights to get nicotine.

Nicotine is terribly addictive and some people report that even a one time exposure has ‘hooked’ them and I don’t doubt that is true in some cases.  They may have a drive to fulfill an oral fixation and vaping ‘looks like fun’ but better ff they chew gum, or chew on pencils then getting caught up in the whole mechanical act of vaping which is often as addicting as the nicotine.  Its just to much of a slippery slope and too easy for a non-smoker who starts vaping 0 mg  juice for social reason to end up addicted to nicotine.

When it comes to vaping and health – yours and others – one thing I cannot stress hard enough is HAND WASHING.  All PVs leak to some degree even if not in a way noticeable to you.  Although, with analogs your hands could stink from the smoke and nails stain yellow from the  nicotine there was not a residue in the strength you can get with juice leaking and drying on your hands.  One of the places that hands go the most is to your face, and more so around your mouth or nose.  Some people have reported getting sores around their nostrils and other places on their face, which never happened until they started vaping, and many believe that this was from a small skin opening that the dried juice got into and liquefied again making the sore, not directly because the vapor (water vapor mind you) is around your face when you exhale.

Other surfaces and people can come in contact with your hands.  Its not like shaking hands with another adult after having held a leaky device or tuhing a door knob is going transfer enough to bother most but its the small ones that can be made sick by this. Not a scare tactic but a firm warning that it does not take much nicotine to make a child ill even though its a small amount of diluted nicotine.  Residue of your juice on your hands and then it rubs off on your child’s hands when you hold then and then there hands go in their mouth, gets on utensils and so on.  One hand holding might not transfer enough to have them show any sign of being sick but if it happens on and off for a few hours as you play or go about normal care routines you could have a baby throwing up and not know why.Its not a lot but its not worth the risk.  Wash your hands after you handle your vaping devices and after you vape.  Extra clean hands won’t hurt you!  If you are not thinking and grasp a baby bottle and get residue off your hand on the nipple and in the babies mouth it goes – that maybe a good bit of nicotine for a small one.  You maybe good about hand washing but you probably should step it up and just wash those  hands after handling your device .  If you are one that handles you device enough that you would be almost constantly washing your hands -that’s  not great for productivity – so make it a habit that the first thing you do before doing anything else is wash your hands.  And don’t tell yourself  “oh I can skip it  this time cause I will be back touching my device ias soon as I get done doing this” .  Of course, if your device leaks and your feel it on your hands go wash it off right away and wipe don’t the device.   It not a good idea to let juice soak into your hands.  You should also consider looking for a set up for yourself that does not leak noticeably.

It should be not even have to be said but keep your juices and devices away from curious children.  Children want to mimic what they see mom and/or dad do.  Not just with vaping but any activity.  Sometimes its cute and innocuous the things they copy but copying your vaping should not be one of them. Putting a tip in their mouth and sucking on it like they see mom and dad do is not good and can make them sick.  There are lots of things that we don’t want kids mimicking and vaping should be one of those.  Just like you would keep analogs and lighters away from small children so should you do that with your PV and juices.

Young enough associate dropper bottles and anything that appears to be sucked or has a nipple shape (like a baby bottle shape) this can tempt a child because they associate it with one thing they know and that’s getting milk or something good – food – out of a baby bottle..  Many, many childhood poisonings have been the result of packaging that looks like something a child associates with a baby bottle or food.  This does not just pertain to nicotine but many other poisons.  I know of a toddler that chugged cigarette lighter fluid from a can because when the nipple was flipped up it looked like a baby bottle to him.   He was sating his word for  baby bottle all excitedly when his mom went to find out why saw what he was drinking.  The child made it and did okay but was pretty sick and in the hospital for a bit.

To an adult it would have tasted terrible and smelled bad enough to stop them from making that mistake but toddlers and their taste buds are not fully developed and since sweet is one of the first things they taste well, often something they cannot taste yet is just interpreted by the brain as ‘sweet.  Children however because of immature taste can drink some horrid things.  Juice does taste good, its got good flavors and is often sweet – why we vape it – so there is nothing that would hopefully drive a child away especially since being able to taste sweet is one of the first tastes that develop.

Now a days batteries come in many colors, the delivery devices in a sparking plastic of bright colors that even adults say things like they “look like little holiday decorations’.  That’s going to attract a child who may see it as a bauble to play with, some bright new toy, remind them of holidays and that fun.  Put it where they cannot reach it, make sure that ‘high spot’ you chose does not have some method by which a climber can get to it (look at it from a child’s perspective – can they figure out how to get to it).

I have a friend with 3 preschoolers, two of which can get almost anywhere at any time if you look away for a second.  Her rule for herself and her husband is to make sure that the kids never see where they store their gear.   They make sure the children are on the other side of the closed bedroom door when getting or putting it away.  They also did away with colored batteries and colored clearomizers to make the whole thing look a lot less interesting

Maybe that sounds too paranoid to you by why ruin a good thing of getting second hand smoke totally away from the children and then put them at risk by allowing them to get into your stuff and get it in their mouth, or worse drinking it.

If your child does get into your  e-juice in any matter call the poison control center immediately.  If the child needs to be transported and treated at an emergency room or doctor’s office Poison Control can already be in touch telling them what needs to be done so there is not time wasted if the medical staff available has not dealt recently with nicotine poisoning/toxicity. Its nothing to fool around with and a good idea of how much was in the bottle or the delivery device or what ever they did get into.  If that is a possible risk with kids or pets in your house you need to have a good idea of the ingredients because many e-juices you get don’t put ingredients on the label.  I don’t buy e-juice that is not labels (at least more then once) or the indigence are posted on the website.  We all know the basic s that make up e-juice – nicotine, PG/VG and flavor – but you really want to know if the flavors are natural or artificial or a mixture what sweetener is added and if a preservative is used.  Not just in case of a poisoning  but for your own sake too… what are you vaping?

Remember that if you decide to mix your own juice you will have pure nicotine around – not nicotine cut down/diluted with PG/VG and flavor and its a deadly poison in its pure state.  Its safe only in a locked storage container if you live where anyone else, child, pet or adult can come in contact with it and not know the danger.  Treat it like a loaded gun. Just treat it like you now even an informed adult will turn around and do something stupid with it if they can.

You should also treat pets with the same caution, especially small ones and especially if they tend to lick your hands. Don’t let your cat lick your hands while your vaping and until you have washed your hands.  I realize that I have just told you to wash your hand before messing with your pets and then you know you have to afterwards but no one wants to make a cat or dog sick.  Don’t leave devices laying around where your pets can decide they are toys because they will roll across the table when pushed, or your dog thinks its a treat because his treats come in the same shape – little kids get into because it reminds them of baby bottles – the same applied for dogs thinking they are toys or treats.  My dogs have a bad need to sample everything I ‘eat’ aka anything that goes in my mouth.  The day I started vaping they were right there with noses all over my stuff and I knew it would be in their mouths if I walked away for a minute and left it there. I know how fast my mastiff could crush that plastic clearomizer had have a mouth full of juice before I knew it. I make sure that my gear is kept in a firmly closed drawer they cannot open or in a box with a latch they cannot undo.  And I just make it a habit of not leaving it lying around.  While analog smoke and smell was a good deterrent to keep your pets away from analogs, lets face it – everything about your gear is likely to make it as attractive to pets as to children.   Its going to not just look exciting, remind them of toys or teats by the looks but they have very sensitive noses.  If we are smelling just a hit of candy in out fluid its coming through strongly for them.  My dogs can smell someting sweet from the other end of the house so I know that with noses trying to sniff the bottles they are reading “SUGAR!”

If your dog gets into your e-juice call the pet poison control center.  There are quite a few of them, some of the associated with vet schools, some with private organizations but most have toll free numbers.  They operate like the human poison control center and after telling you what to do work with your vet or an emergency vet to get your pet treated promptly and correctly.  My mastiff managing to get a lick off the side of my battery probably would have not side effects but a small dog is like a small baby – so if you are not sure if what they got is enough to hurt them – ask.

Safety is a big thing, obviously, even for the vaper.  Vapers have made themselves toxic or poisoned themselves by forgetting about how to handle nicotine and juice under certain circumstances safely or just getting lax about normal safe handling procedures they have had drilled into them previously.

One thing you should remember if carrying along a bottle of juice when outside in the heat and sun – do your best to keep the bottle cool and totally out of the sun. Don’t lay your PV down in the sun or allow to get to warm – less fluid in a small area and it could evaporate faster   If the sun and heat evaporate some of the dilutients your nicotine could be stronger in the mix then you are used to.

Pure nicotine when you buy it comes in very well marked bottles telling you its a poison and plastered with safety precautions.   Human nature is that when we do things many time we get a bit lax and maybe skip or do something with a little though would make you realize it was a bad idea.  There was a case not long ago where the person that did this to himself posted in a forum as a warning.  He had been making his own e-juice a long time and found that pouring from the big bottle of nicotine into old empty e-juice bottles to make handling easy for him and he was careful to label, mark, keep DYI supplied in a different location then his juices and so on.  he was in a rush one day and not paying 100% attention, relying I guess on always having done it right before and used an empty bottle with the original juice label on it – and forgot to remove the label and mark it correctly after pouring the pure nicotine in it.  It ended in his juice selection – and you guessed it.  He realized his mistake with his first vape and was immediately able to get help.  Apparently he was pretty sick.

Even using a certain mg of nicotine you can vape to a higher blood level of nicotine and get a little toxic, it can happen if you continuously vape for a long session and not be used to it, or by vaping deeper and larger amounts of vapor then used to.

People get very used to ordering or buying juice and their experiences were all good, they never got a bad bottle even though they took steps to check it out before using it the first time.  Its human nature to become lax about things like that when you do them over and over and never find any problems.  You can get old juice, juice that has gone bad even juice with mold in it.  Remember that one of the quickest ways into your blood system besides directly into a vein is by breathing in air vapor.  Many things like mold might be too big to get directly from the lugs to the blood nut could set up lung infections, mold can produce toxins and so on. If the juice does not look right, taste right or have things floating in it – let the vendor know and (since most don’t let you return juice for health reasons ) toss it and hope they offer a replacement bottle.

If you start feeling a bit sickish or light headed or like you did when you first has a analog step away from your vaping.    Stepping away from the vape and drink some water and letting the blood level of the nicotine drop should quickly make you feel better and that’s the only treatment your need.  If not or you feel sicker even after your have stopped vaping for a few minutes you should consult the poison control center or your doctor.  Like anything else in the world, even too much of a good thing can be bad for you.

Sharing your set up is not a good idea either.  I have seen people simply switch a tip and let someone else ‘sample’ what they are vaping.  Its a good way to share” germs’.   If you are vaping and are coming down with the flu but have nos symptoms yet water molecules from your mouth at still getting into your juice which is a nice sweet medium for growing things  –  so bacteria or viruses will live a short time at least.  Someone wants to sample the favor you’re vaping and saying great things about.  You pop out your tip and they popping theirs  and they inhale what that flu virus. And it could be the other way around – they could be coming down with something and ‘sampling yours even when not using your tip leaves some of the virus they have brewing in your juice.  And both of you knew this, but gotten lax, seen others do it without a problem, finally ended up doing it a bunch yourself and never caught anything – but then its flu season…

Like any drug, and e-juices is essentially that, people can develop a sensitivity to something in it.  It may not be the nicotine, but maybe the PG or maybe the flavor – this sensitivity is basically an allergy.  We have all heard of the person  that was able to take certain antibiotics when needed for years, then suddenly goes into a bad allergic reaction when taking it recently with out any warning or just a small forgotten one..  Usually in hind sight they remember having a a bit of an itch or other symptom the previous time they took it but it was minimum and forgotten but a a sign they were getting more sensitive and sensitivity can jump up really fast.  Then again many can have a bad reaction the first time they show any sensitivity to something.  There is always a chance   you could have a reaction to something in the juice.  Hopefully you just turn out to be allergic to one type of fruit flavor in it and can avoid it there after but if its a main component you have not choice but to probably have to give up vaping.  Allergies are nothing to play with whether its a drug, or a food or a chemical and so on.  Sadly for someone with a problem with something in e-juice the fact that its atomized into a vapor that is one of the quickest ways to get something into your system you reaction can be pretty severe.  The more you expose yourself to what you are allergic to the more sensitive you can get and the worst your reaction.

If you have symptoms of allergic sensitivity or other reaction o something in your e-juice just stop using it like you would if you suddenly start have symptoms of a reaction to a antibiotic or peanut butter or shellfish or just about anything else. See or talk with your doctor who can determine if it really is allergy and get you tested for what part you are allergic to..  You may even need some medication to calm even a slight reaction down.  Seriously talk to your doctor about continuing  given the level of your reactions or apparent sensitivity and the risks involved.  Its not worth the risk of making a guess yourself.

Now that I have scared your pants off about about nicotine, remember that what you inhale is cut down to safe percentages in the e-juice mix itself and why their are different mgs or percents of nicotine in e-juice so your not forced to take nicotine in a much stronger preparation then is good for you., is further diluted by being vaporized.  Vaping is  safe for a responsible adult.

Your vaping is certainly good for the people around you in the sense that you no longer are exposing them to the bad things in analogs., even though there is nicotine in the vapor you inhale the vapor you exhale is almost complete water vapor and not exposing anyone to carcinogens or things bad for their health.  Some people will tell you that they ‘smell’ something when you exhale so that you must be exposing them to something.  I think most of the time this is the other person whose wind you took out of their sails when they could not yell at you for smoking around them and need to prove their pint even if they have to imagine a smell.

However some fruity, perfume flavors even vapers will tell you they sometimes notice faintly.  Since the vape is right under their nose its very possible that not all the flavor was removed from the  vapor and they notice it.  Some fruity flavors can have a lot of  fragrance to their flavor so  there could be a detectable fruit smell.  Its not more offensive then smelling fruits as you walk through a store’s produce department – its basically the same thing  and about as dangerous.  Some vapers have said others have commented on a certain smell from their vape but its a positive comments such as ‘that smells really good’.

Switching from analogs to vape is a a move in the healthy direction and many notices changes right off. although some.  The big  noticeable change is going to be your lungs cleaning themselves out.  You are going to get a good bit f what is in there out and the medical profession has noticed some times drastic improvements and clearing of lung xrays of analog smokers with even a short time vaping.  They have always told us that no matter how long we have smoked, quitting does reverse the damage – sometimes to a major extent and this is very evident when you start vaping because you willing stick with it and have a chance to see these changes while with other substitutions or alternatives you go back to the analogs too soon to see much difference.

How much you will cough and clear your lungs depends on just how much tar is down there.  If you were pretty constantly a deep inhaler you are going to find there is a great deal more to purge then someone who did not inhale deeply and so on.

And it only starts with your lungs.

Women probably will notice this more but there skin will be healthier,  less shallow looking, makeup will blend better and colors will look better one on.   Pores will be smaller and you will have less problems with blackheads.  It won’t happen over night but it happens pretty quickly as skin renews ts self and clears itself   pretty fast and stay better looking cause your not surrounding it in analog smoke anymore and filling up the new skin with that junk.

The chemicals and carcenogens and tar that was given to your body to deal with through your lungs has forced your body, especially with the chemicals that go straight to the blood stream to do what they can to clean them out of your blood through your liver and kidneys who job it is to remove toxins.  Sometimes the body stores toxins in fatty tissue until it can work on it and that may not have happened in years as the body is doing its best to keep up with what it could and storing the rest until later when you take a break long enough for it to clean what it could not immediately handle – and that time never came.  With vaping nicotine may still be swimming about it your blood but now the body as time to break down the cells it stored extra bad stuff in and eliminate it.  SO some people do experience some changes in body eliminations.

Right after hand washing as so important for safety reasons comes increasing your fluid intake.  Nicotine can dehydrate you.  Yu might notice this mainly in your mouth as it gets cottony feeling with a long vape session. ALso, a lot of fluid is needed for the lungs unstick tar and other chemicals in your lungs as well as to break down any toxins/chemicals it stored and now can get rid of.  Your body will provide for doing this by grabbing all the fluid for these jobs so make and that can lead to you being a bit dry.  Drink more water.  Notice I said water.  You probably know that many beverages like colas and other types of soft drinks, coffee, chocolate, teas, liquor, beer and so on dehydrate you as they have diuretic properties you so rather then restore fluid even if they are basically water based  they end up causing your to eliminate it.  Nothing wrong with a sports drink but no one wants to drink that many sports drinks.  There is no hard and vast rule for exactly how much water you need ( from a medical standpoint but drinking so you pee but not peeing every 30 minutes is a good way to judge.  I let the dryness of my mouth determine when I should drink.  The important think is to drink those beverages that hydrate you and don’t add to the dehydrating actions of vaping.  You don’t have to think twice about whether water will hydrate you are not.

You can listen to vapers raving about how much their health has improved but the prof is in the pudding.  You will notice these things yourself, maybe sooner, maybe later and noticing that you can do things before that used to leave you short of breath and sweating really makes you feel better about yourself, your health and your switch from the nasty analog to vaping.

So yes,  given where you were the question about whether vaping is good for you is a resounding yes because its moved yu away from a bunch of things and a habit that was killing you.  Yu have replaced it with an alternative habit but one that is a whole lot better for you then puffing away on and analog.

And you are not exposing others to second hand smoke.  I know, we smoke outdoors but with new studies coming in that say non smokers are exposed to carcinogens in the air from second hand smoke even if they can’t smell the odor at the distance they are.  Of curse this holds true for any form of air pollution like  exhaust fumes and so on, but smoking does impact people who make a personal decision not to expose themselves to all the crap in an analog – then you do it for them.  So it is better for those around you and people also don’t have to deal with the smell on you, your hair, clothing and so on making things more pleasant for them.  I wonder sometimes, no that I vape and smell what non-smokers do, how many non smokers have begged off doing things socially with me because of the stink.  Kind of embarrassing looking back.

Stay tuned for Part 2. !


From Smoking to Vaping

I think this is s a good starting place for anyone that got into the world of vaping and offers their story, experiences, opinions and advice on vaping to start. Not everyone does and that, of course, is their prorogation but it always made me wonder when I would get involved in either a written or video blog writer and had no idea where they were coming from. In many cases I have had to assume they were a smoker prior to vaping since they expound on how improved things are with vaping but my very first question when I started out was this:

You are telling me they quickly got you to stop smoking cigarettes; that is can happen pretty much immediately but how dedicated a smoker were you?

I can see the relative ease in which an occasional smoker, or one with less then a half pack a day habit can make the switch quickly so I wan to know how much they did smoke. I wanted to know if they also enjoyed smoking, not just to curb an edge, but that they liked holding the cigarette, having it to use and so on. It makes a big difference when someone comes to you and says ‘try this it gt me off cigarettes in days’ and then find out they were neither dedicated to smoking or very hooked.

I not only was a pack or more smoker for almost 30 years but in the last few, after a horrid time being forced to try to quit, a 2-3 pack a day smoker. And, it was not just the nicotine addiction. It was doing something with my hands and mouth, the taste, the inhale; t was the whole game.

I did the nicotine patch and it really did take the nicotine urge away, I could tell that I was getting the nicotine, but it did nothing to take away the urge to go through the steps of smoking. So, people would stay ‘stay out of situations where you would normally smoke’. That’s like telling someone who enjoys smoking to step out of their life, because every place, or situation where its allowed is a good time to smoke.

My first foray into e-cigs was to try a disposable from a convenience store. It was a n-joy and it was satisfying in the whole ‘feels like smoking’ part of things except for a very low vapor content and I wanted to “exhale” something but it did not really help much with the nicotine needs. Not totally N-joy’s fault, i would guess its up to the store what strengths they offer and 12mg in a disposable was just not right. Had I smoked a lot less I might still be using them and there would be no story here.

Not to give up I was looking at their website and discovered their ‘rechargeable e-cig’ which I now know is basically a battery and pre-filled cartomizers. You could just buy the refills and re-use the battery. So I stepped up an bought the kit.

I gave it a good try; it definitely was a money saver but I never felt really satisfied. You had to drag really hard to get vapor – it was a lot of work and there was never enough vapor to exhale so I was left always with that ‘incomplete’ feeling. I also now know that I was missing what vapers cal ‘the throat hit’ and the N-joy pre-filled at that time wen to 18mg nicotine so soon I was back to cigarettes.

When the owner of the local smoke shop introduced me to, what was probably the very next step for most people up from the ‘convenience store’ brands, and where I actually suggest people start (when asked), it was to a very basic starter kit with a 510 battery, CE4 (disposable) clearmizer and a USB charger – verify basic and only $25 – about what I spent a day on cigarettes.

Here is where I think you have a big difference between taking a ‘shot’ at what you see on the counter at a 7/11 and a smoke shop. The owner let me try it in store and one ht and seeing all that vapor was enough for me to make the purchase of the kit and my first e-liquid. He really suggested same fruit flavors at that point but I was totally unconvinced that anything that did not taste like tobacco would be satisfying so I left the store with a tobacco flavored e-liquid (e-juice) and, of course it had 24mg of nicotine and home I went, along with a pack of cigarettes because I was still not convinced although what I experienced in the store had been, from previous experience, amazing.

**Note: I just realized how many ‘vaping terms’ I have thrown out there and hope I have not lost readers who are still looking into vaping or are very new to it and find all the terms confusing. Hopefully you can hold on long enough to read this post and then I promise next time to blog about what all these terms and names of hardware, are.

I went home and learned to vape.  That may sound very anticlimactic but that is what happened.  I smoked some of that pack of cigarettes while the battery charged and then had to smoke them when the battery needed to charge up again but that was all. I found vaping, to me was as good as smoking although I fumbled a bit with holding a battery that felt a bit different from a  real cigarette  (but the hand to mouth sanctification is there) and learning to fill the clearmizer and so on.

From then on my only use of cigarettes was during battery charge time and when I found myself hating to wait for the battery to charge and not being happy with the cigarette instead (yes this is truly what happened – amazing huh?) I got a second battery so i could alternate.

This is where my life of vaping started and I am moving forwards and enjoying immensely and loving it for many reason and so happy to substitute it for smoking cigarettes.

At this point I started readying vaping blogs, surfing online stores, watching how to’s and video blogs and doing research of my own.  I had many of my questions answered in these places, and many questions that I have had to find the answer to for myself.  Since I could not find all the information I wanted and had to learn through trial and error, I hope there is still some room for another vaping blog and I may have an answer for some that a are asking the same questions i was and not finding the answer.

I think I will stop here, and get on to writing the next blog in all this.  I realize that it may seem silly to have several posts all on the same day but I am trying to keep ideas a bit organized and make it easier for people so they don’t have to read through 1000’s of words for just one piece of information but can go to the post title that seems to apply to what they are interested in.