From Smoking to Vaping

I think this is s a good starting place for anyone that got into the world of vaping and offers their story, experiences, opinions and advice on vaping to start. Not everyone does and that, of course, is their prorogation but it always made me wonder when I would get involved in either a written or video blog writer and had no idea where they were coming from. In many cases I have had to assume they were a smoker prior to vaping since they expound on how improved things are with vaping but my very first question when I started out was this:

You are telling me they quickly got you to stop smoking cigarettes; that is can happen pretty much immediately but how dedicated a smoker were you?

I can see the relative ease in which an occasional smoker, or one with less then a half pack a day habit can make the switch quickly so I wan to know how much they did smoke. I wanted to know if they also enjoyed smoking, not just to curb an edge, but that they liked holding the cigarette, having it to use and so on. It makes a big difference when someone comes to you and says ‘try this it gt me off cigarettes in days’ and then find out they were neither dedicated to smoking or very hooked.

I not only was a pack or more smoker for almost 30 years but in the last few, after a horrid time being forced to try to quit, a 2-3 pack a day smoker. And, it was not just the nicotine addiction. It was doing something with my hands and mouth, the taste, the inhale; t was the whole game.

I did the nicotine patch and it really did take the nicotine urge away, I could tell that I was getting the nicotine, but it did nothing to take away the urge to go through the steps of smoking. So, people would stay ‘stay out of situations where you would normally smoke’. That’s like telling someone who enjoys smoking to step out of their life, because every place, or situation where its allowed is a good time to smoke.

My first foray into e-cigs was to try a disposable from a convenience store. It was a n-joy and it was satisfying in the whole ‘feels like smoking’ part of things except for a very low vapor content and I wanted to “exhale” something but it did not really help much with the nicotine needs. Not totally N-joy’s fault, i would guess its up to the store what strengths they offer and 12mg in a disposable was just not right. Had I smoked a lot less I might still be using them and there would be no story here.

Not to give up I was looking at their website and discovered their ‘rechargeable e-cig’ which I now know is basically a battery and pre-filled cartomizers. You could just buy the refills and re-use the battery. So I stepped up an bought the kit.

I gave it a good try; it definitely was a money saver but I never felt really satisfied. You had to drag really hard to get vapor – it was a lot of work and there was never enough vapor to exhale so I was left always with that ‘incomplete’ feeling. I also now know that I was missing what vapers cal ‘the throat hit’ and the N-joy pre-filled at that time wen to 18mg nicotine so soon I was back to cigarettes.

When the owner of the local smoke shop introduced me to, what was probably the very next step for most people up from the ‘convenience store’ brands, and where I actually suggest people start (when asked), it was to a very basic starter kit with a 510 battery, CE4 (disposable) clearmizer and a USB charger – verify basic and only $25 – about what I spent a day on cigarettes.

Here is where I think you have a big difference between taking a ‘shot’ at what you see on the counter at a 7/11 and a smoke shop. The owner let me try it in store and one ht and seeing all that vapor was enough for me to make the purchase of the kit and my first e-liquid. He really suggested same fruit flavors at that point but I was totally unconvinced that anything that did not taste like tobacco would be satisfying so I left the store with a tobacco flavored e-liquid (e-juice) and, of course it had 24mg of nicotine and home I went, along with a pack of cigarettes because I was still not convinced although what I experienced in the store had been, from previous experience, amazing.

**Note: I just realized how many ‘vaping terms’ I have thrown out there and hope I have not lost readers who are still looking into vaping or are very new to it and find all the terms confusing. Hopefully you can hold on long enough to read this post and then I promise next time to blog about what all these terms and names of hardware, are.

I went home and learned to vape.  That may sound very anticlimactic but that is what happened.  I smoked some of that pack of cigarettes while the battery charged and then had to smoke them when the battery needed to charge up again but that was all. I found vaping, to me was as good as smoking although I fumbled a bit with holding a battery that felt a bit different from a  real cigarette  (but the hand to mouth sanctification is there) and learning to fill the clearmizer and so on.

From then on my only use of cigarettes was during battery charge time and when I found myself hating to wait for the battery to charge and not being happy with the cigarette instead (yes this is truly what happened – amazing huh?) I got a second battery so i could alternate.

This is where my life of vaping started and I am moving forwards and enjoying immensely and loving it for many reason and so happy to substitute it for smoking cigarettes.

At this point I started readying vaping blogs, surfing online stores, watching how to’s and video blogs and doing research of my own.  I had many of my questions answered in these places, and many questions that I have had to find the answer to for myself.  Since I could not find all the information I wanted and had to learn through trial and error, I hope there is still some room for another vaping blog and I may have an answer for some that a are asking the same questions i was and not finding the answer.

I think I will stop here, and get on to writing the next blog in all this.  I realize that it may seem silly to have several posts all on the same day but I am trying to keep ideas a bit organized and make it easier for people so they don’t have to read through 1000’s of words for just one piece of information but can go to the post title that seems to apply to what they are interested in.


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