Hi there!

I live in the Seattle area and amusingly enough, took up vaping at the suggestion of the tobacco store owner who thought I spent too much money on cigarettes and smoked too much. He was 100% correct but I think he lost income over this but I had tried a few ‘convenience store’ disposables and at one time a brand of cartimozers and was miserable with both (blog about that eventually) and never turned away from cigs. Not to be put off he got me to get a battery with a CE4 clearmizer and some e-liquid, for less then I would spend on 2 days worth of cigarettes – I was a 2-3 day a pack smoker. In a short time – a few days actually I was no longer smoking cigarettes, and not spending a whole lot of money – at least on cigarettes – more about that as my blog progresses – and I was a ‘vaper’.

Of course, at that point I started research because I stumbled on a few You tube videos and forums and suddenly realized I knew little about vaping, or what was best or not as good for me, that there were multiple options and many different things to consider and I spend sometime very confused about the terms, the hardware, the lingo and having to just stumble around trying to figure out things.

I started this blog for a few reasons, besides just sharing my story of becoming a vaper and recording my experience but also to share my experiences and research, knowledge I have accumulated reviews on stores and sites I use, and to let you as I delve into new and different aspects of vaping.

I hope, whether you never heard of vaping, are thinking about it or already vape, you enjoy my blog and there is something here that applies to or helps you.


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